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View Yourself Like a Startup!

April 03, 20232 min read

Always remember:

You are a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.

Give yourself room and permission to experiment, to learn and grow.

It's all about progress, not perfection.

Fall in love with the process and view yourself like a start-up.

Innovate, hustle, think outside the box and get scrappy. Like really scrappy.

Learn how to be good at sales, cause let's be frank, we are always selling.

Whether making new friends, growing your network, looking for buyers, partners, supporters, investors or mentors. We want people to "buy into" our vision, ideas, products or goals.

So learn how to sell early on - it's a vital skill.

Growth won't always feel like it should. It might often feel more like a set back than progress.

It will feel like work, a lot of work, and you will need to find something that motivates you when things get tough. You will need the fuel to keep going, otherwise you will give up.

Find "your why", figure out the impact on the world that you want to make, or the legacy that you want to leave behind.

Whatever it is for you, find it, write it down and refer back to it when you get into the "what's the point" state. Trust us on this one.

Fuel the passion with desire to make your dream work no matter what.

Find people who support your vision, believe in you and are ready to work by your side longer hours, because they either enjoy your company or learn from you.

Pay attention to whatever is around you.

Stay focused on your goal and the task at hand.

Test, iterate and don't be afraid to pivot, if needed.

Pivot fast.

Expect the ups and downs, embrace those highs and lows and fall in love with the process.

You are a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time, always.

You learn fast, experiment, perform, struggle and thrive.

Those are the usual stages of life and when you find yourself frustrated that things might not be as they should, ask yourself what stage are you at?

You might think you are not making progress.

But if you are learning, evolving and iterating, you are making progress. Keep going.

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